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La Pan de Bois, a family story:
It was back in 1980 that Claude and Mauricette created their magnificent restaurant in a setting typical of the Champagne region, with traditional wood panelling architecture (which gave the restaurant its name).
A little later, in 1987, the Hotel was born. Founded under the Logis Hotels group, this 31-room hotel was managed by one the couple's sons, José, while the other, Charles, managed the restaurant.
In 2007, the Hotel was extended to include 10 family rooms. Claude and Mauricette retired, leaving their sons in charge, while Sylvie and Séverine, their wives, came into the business to help them out.
In 2018, on the occasion of the establishment's 30th anniversary, the Hotel was given a facelift: 20 rooms were entirely renovated and endowed with air-conditioning.
Historique le Pan de Bois