Our à la carte starters:

Cold starters

Aperitif platter (for 2 people to share) - Rosette de Lyon, cheese, home-made terrine, brawn, gherkins: €12,50

Platter of hors d'œuvres (selection of crudities): €7,90

Home-made country poultry liver paté: €9,30

Home-made burbot and salmon terrine in pink sauce: €11,00

Périgord foie gras terrine and toast: €13,50

Champagne platter (Brawn, Chasseur sausage, Champagne lentils in salad): €9,80

Norwegian smoked salmon and brioche toast: €15,00

Hot starters

Wood-fire grilled breaded pork meats: €13,60

Fricassée of snails and forest mushrooms in layers: €13,00

Mixed salads

Chatka salad - (salad, avocado, shredded crabs, grapefruit): €14,00 or €19,00 for extra-large portion

Country salad - (salad, fried lardons and gizzard, soft-boiled egg on canapé toast): €13,50 or €19,00 for extra-large portion

Landes salad - (salad, tomatoes, foie gras terrine on toast, smoked duck breast): €14,00 or €19,00 for extra-large portion

Bergerette salad - (salad, tomatoes, layers of goat cheese crsipened in the oven, grilled smoky bacon): €13,00 or €19,00 for extra-large portion

Ocean salad - (salad, tomatoes, home-made burbot and salmon terrine, smoked salmon): €14,50 or €20,00 for extra-large portion

Fresh salad - (salad tomatoes, green beans, grated carrots, avocado, grapefruit): €12,00 or €17,00 for extra-large portion

An assortment of local cheeses or white country cheese

A gourmet selection of desserts to choose from

Entrées Restaurant le Pan de Bois
House specialties and local dishes:
Genuine grilled Andouillette de Troyes(sausage) topped with whole-grain mustard sauce and shallots, served with chips: €19,50

Gratin of Andouillette au Chaource (sliced sausage, whole-grain mustard, covered in Chaource cheese and gratinated in the oven) served with chips : €19,50

Grilled ribs (pork) in tartar sauce, served with Aube sauerkraut and chips : €18,50

Le Petit Salé (salted pork) with Champagne lentils: €20,50

Tartar steak (200g of raw minced beef prepared right before your eyes), served with chips: €20,80

Fricassée of veal kidney with cream and mushroom sauce, served with curried rice: €20,80

Grilled small veal kidneys with smoky bacon in tartar sauce, served with chips: €20,80

Wood-fire grilled breaded pork meats in Bearnaise sauce, served with chips: €24,00

Home-made spaghetti bolognese (grated Emmental or Parmesan cheese): €15,60

Home-made burger with chips and salad (Burger bread, beef minced to order, tomato, mozzarela, onions, whole-grain mustard): €19,00 for 150g meat portion, €24,00 for 200g meat portion
Vegetarian Home-made burger cooked with minced vegetirian meal.      €21,00
Wood-fired grills served with chips:
Meat is cut right before cooking, the weight indicated is minimum weight before cooking
Sirloin steak in fresh herb butter: €18,80 for 180g or €26,00 for 250g

T-bone steak in fresh shallot butter: €23,90 for 200g or €35,40 for 300g or €45.00 for 400g

Beef tenderloin in Bearnaise sauce: €32,00 for 180g or €44,50 for 250g

Sliced duck magret in Pays d'Othe cider sauce: €21,00 for 180g or €29,00 for 250g

Leg of lamb in persil butter: €19,00 for 180g

Beef steak topped with pepper sauce: €21,00 for 180g

Butcher's T-bone steak in Bearnaise sauce, a generous kilo to share between 2: €88,00
Our wood-fired grilled skewers, seved with chips and salads:
Skewer of beef, onions, smoky bacon in Bearnaise sauce: €21,00

Skewer of lamb with mixed herbs and whole-grain mustard: €21,00

Skewer of home-breaded chicken breast with tartar sauce: €17,00
Poissons et viandes - Restaurant le Pan de bois
Fish of the day, white butter sauce and chives, : €19,00

Chausson of fresh salmon 
, white butter sauce and chives, served with green beans and curried rice: €26,00

Fresh cod  with white butter sauce and chives on a bed of vegetables: €27,00
The Cheeses:
Assortment of 4 local cheeses: €7,50

Country cream cheese: €7,50
Side dishes :
Mixed seasonal salad: €4,80

Gratin Dauphinois: €5,50

Extra fine green beans: €5,50

Chips: €4,20
€2,80 : Bearnaise, pepper, whole-grain mustard, tartar, Pays d'Othe cider
Change of garnish (to request when ordering) :
Chips, curried rice, green salad, Aube sauerkraut, extra fine green beans, Champagne lentils, gratin dauphinois